The Cycle Path

Access - Easy.

Duration - 1 h. 30 min.

Degree of difficulty - None.

Recommended season - All year round.

The cycle path gives you the chance to discover the natural environment and scenery around Sant Pere Pescador. The route starts near the River Fluvià and leads to the beach, before continuing through the extensive areas of orchard with their fruit-trees. The route has different characteristics, according to the season of the year in which you follow it.

You can start following the cycle path at any point in the route. Once you have come out of the village and crossed the bridge, turn left and follow the bank of the river. This section of the route forms part of the nature trail along the banks of the River Fluvià, and is characterized by the wide variety of birds that can be seen here.

After 1.5 Km. we come to the beach of Sant Pere, which is quite exceptional in that it is the only beach on the Costa Brava with more than six km. of intact sand dunes.

The route continues alongside the beach until we come to the 4 Km. mark, where we have to turn right, at which point we leave the sea behind us to enter an area of orchards with fruit-trees.

Once we have left behind the area of orchards, the cycle path joins the local road going towards the village.

In this section of the route we can choose between two alternatives: the first is to continue along the road towards the village, the second is to turn left at the 5.200 Km. marker in the area of the housing development known as ¨Bon Relax¨, then taking first Carrer Besalú and second Carrer Sant Pere until we come to the roundabout to come back to the village.
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