Parish Church

Location - Centre of the village.
Open to everybody.

Sant Pere Parish Church was built in 1682 on a site where formerly there was an earlier Romanesque church. The structure is that of a central nave with side chapels and a polygonal tower. On the northern side of the present church can be seen the remains of the original Romanesque structure.

These remnants are visible outside the church, in the narrow street formed between the latter and the Casa Caramany, and from the pavement parallel to the northern wall of the nave mentioned above.

The present church has its entrance façade on the west side, and the main door is decorated with superimposed columns, with large capitals imitating the Corinthian style. Above the lintel of the door there is a pediment framing a niche for a statue. In the centre of the wall, above the door, there is a rose window.

The bell tower has a square base supporting the upper structure, which is octagonal in shape, and has four semicircular arches, made out of brick.

The tower ends with a platform on which four arches join together at the top to form a pinnacle that looks like the beginnings of a dome that was never finished. The apse has a sacristy on each side.

Inside, the nave is divided into various different sections by a series of semicircular arches. Its vaulted ceiling is in the form of half-moons, like that of the apse and the roofs of the side-chapels.