Nature reserve: The Empordà Marshes

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Els Aiguamolls de l'Empordà Natural Park is one of the most popular and emblematic natural areas of Catalonia. Its creation in 1983 was the consequence of a long and intense defence campaign started in 1976, to stop a housing state project for a marine residential area for 60,000 people on the lagoon system located between the estuaries of the Muga and Fluvià rivers.

In the past, the Empordà marshes occupied almost the entire plain of Roses bay and the lower reaches of the Ter river. To give us an idea, the Montgrí massif was cut off by the water, and the Greeks founded Empúries on an island between the estuaries of the Fluvià and Ter rivers.

That large marshland area gradually disappeared due to dessication for agricultural and stockbreeding use, to prevent malaria, and due to town planning speculation from the ‘60s onwards. . 

Had the defence campaign not been started in 1976, nowadays there would be no trace of this wetland.

In 1983, the Parliament of Catalonia unanimously passed the Law on the protection of Els Aiguamolls de l'Alt Empordà. The Baix Empordà area, that is to say, the area of the lower reaches of the Ter river and Pals, was left out of the Law but was eventually included in the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest (PEIN) and it is expected to become a nature reserve in the long run.

(Source: Gencat – Medio Ambiente)

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