The municipality

El municipi

Sant Pere Pescador, a village of 1710 inhabitants, occupies an extension of 17,80 km2 which is spread all along the Roses gulf.

The coastal and wetlands sector and the stretch along the river Fluvià, which crosses the municipality, are included in the National Park Aiguamolls de l'Empordà.

It is the only spot in Costa Brava where we can find more than six kilometres of virgin beaches of dunes and fine sand.

The main sources of income for the local economy come from agriculture and tourism.

The flat and fertile land is used for irrigation crops such as sweet fruit thanks to the various channels which flow on it and the richness of its phreatic waters.

The apple is the basic crop in the area and it is exported around the world for its renowned quality.

Sant Pere Pescador is the perfect place to practice any kind of sport. Its beaches are among the best for windsurfing, sailing or kayaking.

Furthermore, there are large extensions of green areas and forests which offer the possibility to go on peaceful trekking, horse riding excursions or get lost on long bicycle routes.

The river Fluvià, which flows along the municipality, offers a unique natural surrounding where you can enjoy a relaxing, peaceful fishing day.